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The photographs I didn’t want to see

Almost a year has passed since this event which was supposed to be the Stanley Cup Final 2011 in VancouverĀ  and became widely known as Vancouver Riot 2011. I was there amongĀ  the 155,000 people. I am no Canucks fan, … Continue reading

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Today is a good day to mention Pentax. Read on to find out why. When most people think of dSLRs (digital Single Lens Reflex cameras, the brands that come first to mind will be Canon, Nikon and maybe Sony, though … Continue reading

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Left or right?

One interesting topic somewhat relevant to photography is lateral dominance. Basically it is the spatial asymmetry of brain functions leading to certain handedness for instance. It is well know most people (up to 90%) are right-handed and this is linked … Continue reading

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Genius or Fool?

Have you ever tried to run a google search for “genius or fool”. Do it! You might be surprised with the result (or not). The first result links to a 300+ posts discussion about Ken Rockwell. Every “serious” photography website … Continue reading

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When browsing photography forums quite often one can encounter thorough posts discussing advantages of one (expensive) system over another. One example of such posts is people ditching a certain camera in favor of another “better” one. Quite often people who … Continue reading

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