When browsing photography forums quite often one can encounter thorough posts discussing advantages of one (expensive) system over another. One example of such posts is people ditching a certain camera in favor of another “better” one. Quite often people who make such posts own a lot of “advanced” equipment and great selection of lenses. Then you go to their profile and check their pictures …

Most of the time the “picture” you observe in those galleries is so hopeless it makes you cry.

Please please please you proponents of out-of-focus-poorly-exposed-poorly-composed-squirrel-bird-snapshots tell me why do you need all those >$1000 (each) lenses and bodies?

The problem is not that they own expensive equipment. I myself stand in awe when I see some of the fine tools a man has created.

The problem isn’t either that they love to take snapshots of squirrels. I see no point in this personally and imho it has nothing to do with photography, but that’s ok – most of my pictures are snapshots too.

The problem is many of these people believe their squirrel-snapshots are an example of fine photography.

The other problem is them thinking that they need fine equipment to produce those pity snapshots.

And the third problem is they blame all the problems on their equipment and think some other equipment will produce even better snapshots.

This is because they have not read this post: “Your Camera Doesn’t Matter”

One of the recent examples I saw was someone who has been shooting pictures for 50 years proudly showcasing 2 almost identical poor snapshots of a dog, named wittily “dog” and “dog 2”, shot at a yearly shooting event. For that picture he has used a mid-level dSLR and one of the best prime lenses by that manufacturer (~$1000 lens). The other photographs in his galleries were equally inspiring.

Now really in those 50 years he could have spent a few hours on learning something about photography, couldn’t he?

Unfortunately this example is more of a rule than an exceptional case. Most people posting on the forums just do have the totally wrong set of mind IMHO. And will aggressively defend it if someone points it out to them.

A typical picture thread on a website like dpreview starts with an uninteresting snapshot and is followed by a few praising and empty comments. What can anybody learn in such an environment?

Invest in learning, not in the tools!

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