Photography related websites:

The Luminous Landscape ‘The Luminous Landscape is the web’s most comprehensive site devoted to the art and technique of landscape photography.  You will find there a gallery of outstanding images as well as instructive feature articles, travel and technical discussions, product reviews and a Discussion Forum.

Ken Rockwell Maybe the most popular one-man photography related website out there. I like in particular Ken’s articles on photography titled “How to Take Better Pictures” or “Classic Articles” Ken Rockwell is a rather controversial figure on the Internet. Some believe he is a genius, others are convinced he is a fool. The polarized way people see him means he is not for everyone. His style is “aggressive”, straightforward and hyperbolic. I don’t mind that. It is very easy to “filter” his essays for me. I don’t always agree with him, however I find his articles thought provoking at the very least. IMHO he does a very good job warning the reader of his style and that one should not take him literally. Nevertheless surprisingly (to me) many people do take him literally, get offended and this blocks their ability to think about what he writes.

Digital Photography Review (dpreview) I think it is the biggest gear-centered website on digital photography equipment, focusing on upper-tier digital P&S/dSLRs/mirrorless. Used to be a one-man website by Phil Askey, sold to amazon in 2007. Since then critical tone of the reviews became milder unfortunately. The site offers an extensive gear database and gear-discussion forums. I mostly use their camera database for reference and occasionally check out their reviews and news.


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